The COVID-19 Humble Bundle pairs great games with a great cause

Keep occupied while supporting those on medicine's front line.

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Humble Bundle
Humble Bundle

There's a new Humble Bundle on offer, and it's packed with great deals for a great cause. The special one-week COVID-19 Bundle features more than $1,000 worth of games and comics and can be yours for just $30 (£25.50) -- or more, if you're feeling charitable, as buyers are encouraged to give what they can. All of the proceeds will go to support organizations responding to the coronavirus outbreak, including those delivering protective gear to healthcare workers and providing healthcare to vulnerable patients.

There's a lot in this bundle, including epic strategy game Into the Breach, puzzle drama The Witness, time-bending VR shooter Superhot, and graphic adventure Broken Age. Hollow Knight, Undertale, Psychonauts and Tilt Brush are great choices, too. And then there's the comics. Locke & Key has just been turned into a decent Netflix series, while The Boys is now a hit Amazon show. And fans of Saga know its inclusion speaks for itself.

With Into the Breach alone on sale for $15 on Steam at the moment, the bundle represents massive savings, and it'll provide plenty of entertainment while you're stuck indoors because of the very crisis this bundle is raising money to fight. It's only available for a week though, so don't hang around.

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