DOJ may present its antitrust case against Google later this month

The AG reportedly wants to announce the case soon so the current administration can take credit.

picture alliance via Getty Images

A report by the New York Times suggests that the Justice Department is close to presenting its antitrust case against Alphabet, the parent company of Google. The report also mentions that there’s disagreement among the team, as attorney general William Barr is described as wanting to announce the case in September to make it an an example of action taken by the Trump administration.

That push seems like an “arbitrary” decision that overrides the advice of career lawyers who think rushing things will strengthen Google’s case. Google, through a spokesman, is quoted saying it will continue to “engage” with the investigations, which have focused on its dominance in online search and advertising, and reportedly uncovered “powerful” evidence of anticompetitive behavior. A report in the Washington Post backed up the NYT findings, and mentioned that some state AGs are targeting Android as well.