Amazon's Kindle is 33 percent off right now

Just in time for Father's Day.

James Trew/Engadget

You might have found the right Father's Day gift if there's a literary dad in your life. Amazon is selling the basic Kindle e-reader with lock screen ads for $60, or a hefty 33 percent off. You can also buy the Kindle Kids variant for $65 (41 percent off) if the upgraded warranty, child-friendly cover and year of Kids+ service will provide some piece of mind. You can buy the regular version without ads for $75.

Buy Kindle at Amazon - $60

The standard Kindle has been around for quite some time, but for a good reason: it handles the essentials very well. The front light and contrast will help you read in bed, and the touchscreen design is both easy to use and easy to carry around. Simply speaking, you might not need much more than this to read a favorite novel.

There are limitations. The base Kindle isn't waterproof, so you won't want to bring it to the beach. And while the six-inch screen and 8GB of storage should be enough for typical reading, you might like the larger, better-lit screen of the Kindle Paperwhite or the 32GB capacity of the Paperwhite Signature Edition. If you're new to e-readers or just aren't fussy, though, Amazon's everyday model is more than enough.

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