Amazon discounts its new Omni 4K TVs by up to $150

You can also save on its more affordable 4-series sets.


Black Friday may be almost three weeks away, but the TV sales have already started. Amazon has discounted some of its 4-series and Omni 4K TVs, marking the first time they’ve been on sale since the company introduced them at the start of September. At the moment, you can get the 50- and 55-inch Omni models for $360 and $410. Typically, those sets cost $510 and $560, so you’re saving almost 30 percent off the price of both TVs.

Buy Omni 4K TV (55-inch) at Amazon - $410 Buy Omni 4K TV (50-inch) at Amazon - $360

Both Omni sets feature support for HDR10, HLG and Dolby Digital Plus. They also come with the usual assortment of Fire TV features, and they’re deeply integrated with Amazon’s other products. For example, if you own a Ring doorbell, you’ll be able to speak to your visitors. You can also connect a web camera to the TVs to use them for both Alexa and Zoom video calling. If you’re in the market for a TV with Dolby Vision, you’ll need to look at the more expensive 65- and 75-inch Omni sets for that feature.

If you’d like to spend less on a TV and hands-free Alexa isn’t a selling point for you, Amazon has also discounted its 50- and 55-inch 4-series models. They’re currently priced at $330 and $380, down from $470 and $520. Again, you’re saving about 30 percent off the price of both sets.

Buy 4-series 4K TV (55-inch) at Amazon - $380 Buy 4-series 4K TV (50-inch) at Amazon - $330

It’s worth pointing out the LED panels on all four sets are limited to 60Hz, so they’re not ideal for gaming. But if you’re primarily looking for an affordable TV that you plan to use exclusively for streaming video, you could do a lot worse than a TV from either the Omni or 4-series families.

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