Amazon reportedly delays Prime Day until September

It might discount an additional five million devices.

Jorge Villalba via Getty Images

This year, Amazon’s Prime Day won’t happen until September, The Wall Street Journal reports. The annual shopping event usually takes place in the summer, but due to the recent surge in demand and strain on Amazon’s warehouses caused by COVID-19, the company will postpone the event.

In March, Amazon said it was facing an unprecedented demand and would hire an additional 100,000 warehouse and delivery workers in the US. It temporarily restricted items third-party vendors could send to its warehouses in an attempt to prioritize cleaning and medical supplies. Meanwhile, it faced backlash over an alleged lack of employee protections and criticism for delivery delays and supply shortages.

Amazon committed to spending $4 billion on, among other things, “getting products to customers and keeping employees safe.” But apparently it still needs more time to prepare for a major event like Prime Day.

Last month, Reuters reported that Amazon might delay Prime Day until at least August. At the time, the company expected the delay could cost it $100 million and force it to discount an additional five million devices. The delay could also impact third-party sellers.

Amazon declined to comment.

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