Amazon detective show 'Bosch' returns for its final season on June 25th

With seven seasons under its belt, 'Bosch' has had a longer run than most streaming shows.

Amazon Prime Video

Streaming-only shows tend to only last for a few seasons, but Amazon Prime Video's Bosch has had a longer run than most. The detective drama will wrap up its run with a seventh season, which premieres on June 25th.

The season is centered around an arson fire in which a young girl dies. Detective Harry Bosch then puts it all on the line to bring her killer to justice. A teaser trailer shared by Amazon promises an explosive finale (quite literally) to the show.

Several Netflix shows have run for seven seasons, including Orange is the New Black, The Ranch and the upcoming final season of Grace and Frankie, so having such a long run isn't rare, but it's not exactly common either. This won't completely be the end of the road for Bosch, however. An IMDb TV spin-off series is in the works.