AOC's 'Among Us' Twitch stream peaked at over 435,000 viewers

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played 'Among Us' live with Ilhan Omar, Myth, Pokimane and others.


About a year ago the campaign for Donald Trump joined Twitch to push promotional live streams, and tonight, US Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will host her first stream on the service. Trump’s foray into Twitch streaming was curious after his administration targeted the same violent video games many Twitch viewers like to watch, while AOC’s previous interaction with Twitch focused on the Army’s attempts to use it as a tool for recruiting. Hopefully she can avoid a two-week ban for misconduct.

Ocasio-Cortez will be playing Innersloth’s breakout hit game Among Us with streamers including Pokimane. She plans to “officially declare orange sus” as well as encourage viewers to make a voting plan. Her new Twitch channel already has almost 250,000 followers, ahead of the inaugural stream that’s scheduled to begin at 9 PM ET.

Update (9:44 PM ET): AOC was an impostor in her first game, and currently her stream alone has peaked at 435,000 viewers, not counting people tuning in via the streams of people watching Ilhan Omar, Dr. Lupo or other players in the game. For context, that’s not as many concurrent viewers as Drake and Ninja’s record-breaking Fortnite stream that peaked at over 600,000, but it’s enough to be perhaps the third-most ever (per @FionnOnFire), with more than Dr. Disrespect’s February 2018 record of 388,000 and trailing Shroud’s Twitch return stream that hit 500,000.