Italy is investigating Apple, Google and Dropbox cloud storage services

It's concerned the services don't adequately explain how data is used.

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Silhouette of a passerby in front of the Apple Store in Liberty Square in Milan, Italy, on march 04 2020 (Photo by Mairo Cinquetti/NurPhoto via Getty Images)
NurPhoto via Getty Images

Italy’s competition watchdog is investing Apple, Google and Dropbox, TechCrunch reports. In a press release, the AGCM announced that it opened six investigations into the companies’ cloud storage services: Google Drive, iCloud and Dropbox.

The authority is concerned that the services fail to adequately explain how user data will be collected and used for commercial purposes. It’s also investigating unfair clauses in the services’ contracts, terms that exempt the services from some liability and the prevalence of English versions of contracts over Italian versions.

In July, Italy launched an antitrust investigation into Amazon and Apple over Beats headphones. Authorities want to know whether the two companies agreed to prevent retailers outside of Apple’s official program from selling Beats and other Apple products.

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Big tech companies are facing increased pressure from antitrust regulators in the US and Europe. The US Department of Justice may present its case against Google later this month. Apple is in a battle with Epic over its App Store rules, and the antitrust case against Amazon keeps getting stronger. It’s hard to say how effective any of these investigations will be at changing the industry’s behavior.

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Italy is investigating Apple, Google and Dropbox cloud storage services