Apple's HomePod now lets Siri handle Deezer music requests

The added integration also applies to Deezer's lossless audio catalog.


HomePod owners have had the ability to use third-party music services for several months now, but thus far only Pandora directly works with Apple's smart speakers. However, that's changing today with the introduction of Deezer integration for the original (and since discontinued) HomePod and its replacement, the cheaper HomePod Mini.

By launching and connecting the music streaming app with an Apple speaker, paying subscribers can tell Siri to play specific tracks, artists, albums, favorites or playlists. To keep things succinct, you can set Deezer as your default music service in iOS. That way you don't have to ask Siri to play a song or artist "on Deezer" at the end of every command. For instance, once you change the setting, you can simply say "Hey Siri, play my Flow" to listen to the app's continuous stream of recommended tracks.

Naturally, the changes also apply to Deezer's HiFi tier of lossless audio, which should mix well with the original HomePod thanks to the top-notch sound emitted from its array of seven tweeters and top-firing woofer. Though, the HomePod Mini is no slouch in the audio department, either, especially when paired in stereo.

In the past, you could send Deezer from your iPhone to Apple's speakers via AirPlay 2, but the latest update is ideal for those who like to take advantage of voice controls. Deezer on the HomePod and HomePod Mini is available in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, Japan and Australia.