Apple TV and Music apps are coming to Windows next year

You soon won't need to rely on a web app or iTunes to access the services.


During its Surface event, Microsoft said Apple TV and Apple Music apps are coming to the operating system next year. You'll be able to check out previews of them in the Microsoft Store before the year is out. As such, those who use Apple's services soon won't need to use a web app or creaky old iTunes to access Apple Music or Apple TV on a Windows system.

Xbox users, meanwhile, can download an Apple Music app starting today, a year after the service landed on PS5. Apple TV has been available on Xbox consoles since late 2020.

In addition, you'll be able to access iCloud photo libraries in Windows without relying on a browser. These will be available to everyone through the Windows Photos app next month. Folks in the Windows Insider program can try the integration today by installing the latest version of the iCloud Windows app.

Apple's standalone Windows media apps have been a long time coming. The company was recruiting engineers to build them as far back as 2019, the same year Apple announced separate Music, TV and Podcast apps for Mac.