Learn a language in three weeks with 55 percent off Babbel

Babbel gets students conversant in any of 14 new languages in as little as three weeks.

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September 30, 2021 2:55 PM
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The app Babbel in use on a smartphone.

When we think about regret, the first things that come to mind are the opportunities we wish we had explored. If you ask yourself why you didn’t chase these goals, the answer usually comes down to not having enough time. But with smartphones and tablets offering constant access to the limitless information on the web, that argument doesn’t hold water anymore.

No one’s schedule is ever truly open, but if you want to learn a new skill, such as picking up a second or third language, you need to put in the time and effort, even if all you have is 15 minutes in your busy day. Thankfully, Babbel is tailored to fit any busy lifestyle.

Backed by a 4.6-star rating from over 900 thousand Apple and Google users, Babbel Language Learning’s industry-leading methods are the product of over 150 linguistic experts and teachers. The company claims that students can reach a conversational level in a new language in as little as three weeks. In fact, Babbel is confident that once users start tapping into the app’s 8,500 hours of high-quality education — each showcased in easily digestible 10- to 15-minute, schedule-friendly lessons. 

Students can choose from 14 different languages, including everything from traditional standbys like Spanish, German and French, to more esoteric options like Norwegian, Turkish and Indonesian. Babbel starts by teaching basic conversational skills, helping students grasp useful real-life subjects pertaining to travel, family, business, food and more.

Meanwhile, the app’s personalized lesson reviews use speech recognition technology to make sure students are speaking and understanding their new tongue correctly. In addition to learning how to speak and read a new language, the training also delves deep into more than words, offering background on that language’s culture, people and history.

With Babbel’s flexibility, students can pick up or put down lessons anywhere and everywhere, all tailored to their schedule. The app even has new features like podcasts, games and live virtual classes to keep the learning process fresh, unlike traditional, textbook-based teaching.

If you ever feel like you “don’t have time” to learn a language, Babbel proves you wrong, developing language learning in all those extra moments of your life. Right now, motivated doers can lock in a lifetime subscription with full access to all 14 languages for life at 55 percent off the regular price.

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