Here are the best Amazon devices worth buying on Cyber Monday

Record-low prices return on everything from Kindles to Echos to Eeros.

It’s always advisable to wait until the holiday shopping season to buy Amazon devices. Aside from Amazon Prime Day, this is when Echo speakers, Fire tablets, Kindles and the like are almost guaranteed to hit all-time-low prices. Sure, the company has intermittent sales throughout the year — but rarely are Amazon’s own devices as cheap as they are on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since the holiday shopping season was a bit longer this year than previous years, some of the gadgets on sale for Cyber Monday will ship a few weeks from now. But you can still lock in the sale price and get the gear you want without paying full price. Here are all of the Amazon devices on sale for Cyber Monday that are worth considering.

Kindle Paperwhite - $85

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is one of our favorite e-readers and now it’s cheaper than ever at $85. It normally costs $129 and this is the same price it was during Amazon Prime Day in October. We gave it a score of 95 for its lovely, high-contrast display, waterproof design and new Audible support. The higher-end Kindle Oasis is also on sale for its lowest price ever — $175.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite at Amazon - $85 Buy Kindle Oasis at Amazon - $175

All-new Fire TV Stick - $28

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The all-new Fire TV Stick is discounted to $28, which is 30 percent off its normal price. This streaming stick only came out a few months ago and it features a faster processor, Dolby Atmos audio support and an Alexa voice remote. Both Fire TV Sticks on the other sides of the spectrum are on sale, too. The even more affordable Fire TV Stick Lite is now $18 and the Fire TV Stick 4K is on sale for $30.

Buy All-new Fire TV Stick at Amazon - $28 Buy Fire TV Stick Lite at Amazon - $18 Buy Fire TV Stick 4K at Amazon - $30

All-new Echo Dot - $29

Amazon Echo Dot 2020

The new Echo Dot is down to $29, which is 42 percent off its normal price. It looks quite different from the previous generation (which is also on sale for $19) thanks to its new spherical design. That’s one of the reasons we gave the Echo Dot a score of 89, and we also liked its improved sound quality, 3.5mm audio jack and tap-to-snooze feature. If you want the convenience of a glanceable clock, the Echo Dot with clock is also on sale for $39.

Buy Echo Dot at Amazon - $29 Buy Echo Dot with clock at Amazon - $39

Kindle - $60

Amazon Kindle

Amazon’s classic e-reader is back to an all-time low of $60. The standard Kindle doesn’t have a few of the advanced hardware features that the Kindle Paperwhite has, but it’s still a great little reading device with an e-paper screen that’s much easier on the eyes than a regular tablet display. We gave it a score of 91 for its new front light, improved contrast display and refined design.

Buy Kindle at Amazon - $60

Echo Studio - $160

Amazon Echo Studio
Billy Steele / Engadget

The Echo Studio is Amazon’s best sounding smart speaker and now it’s $40 off its normal price, bringing it down to $160. If you’re set on having an Alexa smart speaker in your home and want higher quality sound, the Studio could be a good pick for you. We gave it a score of 88 for its hi-res audio, unobtrusive design and abilities as a home theater speaker.

Buy Echo Studio at Amazon - $160

Fire HD 10 - $80

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

The most powerful Fire tablet available, the Fire HD 10 is on sale for $80. Even at its normal price of $150, it’s a great value if you’re in need of a basic, no-frills tablet. We gave it a score of 88 for its sharp display, solid performance and hands-free Alexa abilities. The kids version of the Fire HD 10 is on sale for $130, or $70 off its normal price. You’re getting the regular tablet in this bundle in addition to a child-proof case, a two-year warranty and one free year of Amazon Kids+.

Buy Fire HD 10 at Amazon - $80 Buy Fire HD 10 Kids at Amazon - $130

Fire TV Cube - $80

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon’s Fire TV Cube set-top box is down to $80, which is $40 off its normal price. This is the most powerful of the company’s Fire TV devices, and in addition to powering the smarts of your TV, you can also use its Alexa chops to control compatible soundbars, sound systems and other home entertainment gadgets. We gave the Fire TV Cube a score of 84 for its Dolby Vision and HDR+ support and speedy performance.

Buy Fire TV Cube at Amazon - $80

Fire TV Recast - $130

Amazon Fire TV Recast

The Fire TV Recast is down to a record low of $130. This device is truly for cord cutters as it lets you watch and record hours of over-the-air TV if you also have a Fire TV or an Echo Show. What’s better? There are no monthly fees to worry about, either.

Buy Fire TV Recast at Amazon - $130

All-new Echo - $70

Amazon Echo 2020
Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Amazon’s latest Echo has dropped to $70, which is $30 off its normal price and the lowest it has been since it debuted a couple months ago. It has the new spherical design that the new Echo Dots have, and now it has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub as well. We gave it a score of 89 for its improved audio quality, included 3.5mm audio jack and better stereo performance.

Buy Echo at Amazon - $70

Echo Show 5 - $45

Amazon Echo Show 5
Nicole Lee / Engadget

The Echo Show 5 has dropped to $45 again, which is 50 percent off its normal price. It’s one of the most versatile Alexa smart displays thanks to its compact size that features a 5-inch touchscreen. We gave it a score of 85 for its sunrise alarm feature (which helps it work as a smart alarm clock), great sound quality and physical camera shutter. You’re also able to bundle it with a Blink Mini camera for only $5 extra.

Buy Echo Show 5 at Amazon - $45 Buy Echo Show 5 bundle at Amazon - $50

Echo Show 8 - $65

Amazon Echo Show 8

The Echo Show 8 is on sale for $65, which is half off its normal price. One of Amazon’s mid-sized smart displays, the Echo Show 8 houses Alexa and uses its display to show recipe videos, weather forecasts, video feeds from security cameras and more. It also has a webcam that you can use to video chat with friends and family that also have Echo Show devices. You can also bundle it with a Blink Mini camera for an extra $5.

Buy Echo Show 8 at Amazon - $65 Buy Echo Show 8 bundle at Amazon - $70

Fire HD 8 - $55

Amazon Fire HD 8 (2020)
Valentina Palladino / Engadget

The Fire HD 8 tablet is down to $55, which is $35 off its normal price. Like the Fire HD 10, it’s a good media consumption device or an all-purpose couch tablet. We gave the HD 8 a score of 81 for its decent performance, long battery life and new USB-C charging. The Fire HD 8 Kids edition, which includes a case, a 2-year warranty and one year of Amazon Kids+, is also on sale for $80.

Buy Fire HD 8 at Amazon - $55 Buy Fire HD 8 Kids at Amazon - $80

Echo Flex - $10

Amazon Echo Flex
Nicole Lee / Engadget

Amazon knocked the price of the Echo Flex down to $10, which is 60 percent off its normal price. It’s the device to get if you don’t have a lot of space to spare but want to call upon Alexa more easily. Not only can it play music despite being so small, but it also has a built-in USB port so you can change other devices, too.

Buy Echo Flex at Amazon - $10

Echo Auto - $20

Amazon Echo Auto

The Echo Auto is now 60 percent off, bringing the price down to $20. This little adapter essentially lets you use Alexa in your car provided you have LTE connectivity via your smartphone. With it, you can ask Alexa to turn on the smart lights in your home before you arrive or play music through your car’s speakers.

Buy Echo Auto at Amazon - $20

Eero 6 Pro - $183

eero Pro 6Amazon eero 6 Pro
eero LLC

Amazon’s new Eero 6 Pro mesh Wifi system has fallen to $183, which is 20 percent off its normal price. This updated system debuted along with the new Echos and features WiFi 6 support, coverage for up to 2,000 square feet and a built-in Zigbee home hub. You can also grab the standard Eero 6 for only $103.

Buy Eero 6 Pro at Amazon - $183 Buy Eero 6 at Amazon - $103

Blink Mini - $25

Blink Mini Indoor
Amazon / Blink

One of the newest editions to the Blink family, the Blink Mini camera, is discounted to $25. It’s a super compact indoor home security camera that records 1080p video and also has motion detection and two-way audio. Just remember that the Blink Mini is a standard plug-in camera, unlike other Blink devices that run on batteries.

Buy Blink Mini at Amazon - $25

Blink Outdoor Kit - $65

Blink Outdoor and Indoor cameras

You can grab a Blink Outdoor Kit starting at $65 right now, which is $35 off its normal starting price. You’ll get one camera with that kit, but you can get up to five home security cameras in one kit if you wish. These Blink devices are wireless and battery-operated, and they’re designed to withstand rain, snow and other elements so you can keep an eye on the area surrounding your home.

Buy Blink Outdoor Kit starting at $65

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