Arkane delays 'Deathloop' until September 14th

The hotly anticipated first-person shooter was supposed to hit PS5 and PC on May 21st.

Arkane Studios/Bethesda Softworks

Arcane and Bethesda have delayed Deathloop once again amid the impact of COVID-19. The time-bending action-adventure game was initially supposed to arrive in late 2020 before the studio and publisher pushed back the release date to May 21st. But now, instead of waiting another six weeks or so to get your hands on Deathloop, you'll have to be patient for several more months. Bethesda will release the game on PC and PlayStation 5 (where it'll be a console exclusive for one year) on September 14th.

"We're committed to quality and preserving our team's ambitions for Deathloop while ensuring the health and safety of everyone at Arkane," the studio wrote in an apologetic statement on Twitter. "We'll be using this extra time to accomplish our goal: create a fun, stylish and mind-bending player experience."

Until today, Deathloop was one of the biggest games on the spring calendar. Instead, by moving into late summer, it will emerge just ahead of the typically packed fall release window. Coincidentally, Xbox now owns Bethesda, so make of the delay what you will.