Dell's latest gaming PCs include large G7 laptops and a G5 desktop

Expect more power and lots of lighting

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Dell G7 17-inch gaming laptop

Dell is ready to court gamers who want beefier options than its existing systems but aren’t willing to venture into Alienware territory. It’s introducing a trio of gaming PCs headlined by its new G7 series in 15- and (most notably) 17-inch sizes. It’s relatively sleek with a design as thick as 0.72 inches, optional four-zone RGB keyboard lighting and plenty of chassis lighting. The real allure, apart from the existence of a 17-inch model, is performance. You can opt for up to an eight-core Intel Core i9 processor, GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics, 32GB of RAM, a 4K OLED screen and a 1TB PCIe SSD. The G series’ signature Game Shift button lets you max out the fans to reduce any heat-related throttling.

The 17-inch G7 is available today starting at $1,430, while the 15-inch edition will appear June 29th for the same starting price.

You’ll also find an updated version of the G5 desktop (below), although the changes aren’t as dramatic. You’ll still get that familiar compact, ridged tower design, but you’ll also find 10th-generation Intel processors (up to a Core i9), graphics as powerful as the GeForce RTX 2070 Super and as much as 64GB of RAM. There are options for RGB lighting inside and out, including a clear side panel to show your components. It goes on sale July 9th for “around” $749.

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Peripherals are on tap, too. The Dell 27 Curved Gaming FHD Monitor and 27 Gaming QHD mointor offer 1080p and 1440p resolutions with their respective VA and IPS panels. along with 1ms pixel response times in ideal conditions. And if you need a keyboard, Alienware’s RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard packs Cherry MX Brown switches, per-key RGB lighting and three typing angles. The curved screen debuts August 21st for $280, but you can get the QHD screen on July 28th for $570. The Alienware keyboard launches August 4th for $130.

Dell G5 desktop (2020)
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