Dell's XPS Desktop fits NVIDIA and AMD graphics inside a smaller case

The company also introduced a frost-colored version of the XPS 15.


Over the past couple of years, Dell’s XPS laptop lineup has been the gold standard of Windows ultraportables. Dell is now trying to capture some of that same magic with the updated XPS Desktop. The new model affords the same amount of expandability and customization as the previous XPS Desktop but comes in a smaller, more attractive package. The redesigned enclosure features a 19L volume compared to the previous model's 23.7L capacity. That puts the 14.45-inch tall chassis in near ITX case territory.

In designing the XPS Desktop, Dell says its goal was to maximize performance and airflow. The computer intakes air through the front and side of its enclosure before expelling it out the back. At no point does the case recirculate air, according to Dell. The chassis also features modern conveniences like tool-less entry, with two thumbscrews all that stand between you and the computer's internals.

Dell XPS Desktop

Inside, there's support for Intel's latest 10th-generation desktop processors, with Dell offering both the i9-10900K and more value-oriented i5-10600K as options. Unfortunately, you can’t configure the desktop with an AM4 motherboard, so AMD's Ryzen processors are off the table. To round out the system, it can also feature up to 128GB of RAM. The chassis includes four bays that can house a mix of mechanical and solid-state drives. There's also the option to add an optical drive if you need one.

I/O selection, on both the front and back of the computer, is generous. In all, the XPS Desktop features seven USB-3.1 Type-A ports, two USB 2.0 connections and a single Type-C port on the front. As you can see from the images of the computer, the front panel also includes a headphone jack and SD card reader.

What may make the XPS Desktop a non-starter for some people is its limited power output. Dell plans to give consumers the option to configure the computer with either a 360W or 500W power supply. Even going with the latter option, that's not enough to power to a system with a power-hungry GPU like the GeForce RTX 2080. The most powerful GPUs the XPS Desktop can support are the GeForce RTX 2070 Super and RX 5700 XT. PCIe expandability is also on the limited side. The included motherboard features three PCIe slots, only one of which is a x16 lane.

The Dell XPS Desktop is available to order today. The base configuration starts at $650.

XPS 15 in Frost

Alongside the XPS Desktop, Dell is also introducing a new Frost-colored variant of its XPS 15 laptop. The new color will be available this summer for an additional $50 across select configurations.