Disney+ is launching a mobile-only plan in India that costs $6.70 per year

It's following in Netflix and Amazon's footsteps.

SOPA Images via Getty Images

After a hot streak during the pandemic, the biggest streamers are suffering from a domestic pull back. Netflix actually lost 433,000 subscribers in the US and Canada during its second quarter, while Disney is reportedly struggling, too. But, overseas is another story. Thanks to cheap mobile-only plans that cater to local viewing habits, streaming services are making gains in places like Asia. Netflix, which has a low-end tier in India that costs $2.67, nabbed just over a million subscribers in Asia-Pacific in its latest quarter. Now, Disney is looking to build on its mammoth success in India with its own mobile streaming plan that costs $6.70 per year.

Having rebranded its local service to Disney+ Hotstar last Spring, the company is introducing three tiers in total. Aside from mobile, which lets you watch on one mobile device in HD, there's Super for $12.08 per year (two devices including mobile, the web and more in HD) and Premium for $20.14 per year (four devices in 4K). The three plans will come into effect on September 1st, Disney announced at a virtual event, according to NDTV.

Though it's the opposite of the single monthly and yearly plan Disney+ offers in the US and elsewhere, the shakeup makes sense for India. Going mobile-only sees the company following a tried and tested model aimed at the large chunk of the local population that use mobiles to connect to the internet. The launch also comes just weeks ahead of Disney's latest earnings report on August 12th, where all eyes will be on Disney+ subscriber numbers.

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