Disney prepares to reveal more about its streaming plans post-'Mulan'

The Disney+ slate could include more movie premieres, including some that cost extra like 'Mulan.'


Back in October, Disney announced a “strategic reorganization” that gave higher priority to streaming, it said we’d find out more at an investor’s meeting on December 10th. Today is the day, with the four-hour event scheduled to begin at 4:30 PM ET. Before the company makes its pitch to Wall Street, the New York Times has some details about what we can expect.

Since Disney’s announcement, Mulan has gone from $30 premium access VOD option to regular Disney+ streaming, Pixar’s Soul is going straight to Disney+ instead of theaters and Warner Bros. announced plans to put its entire 2021 film slate on HBO Max at the same time they debut in theaters.

According to the NYT, following earlier rumors, Disney will continue to have multiple approaches, with some films taking the Mulan approach, and others like Peter Pan & Wendy making their debut on streaming without any additional cost.

Meanwhile other flicks, like the MCU’s Black Widow movie, will apparently stick to the traditional theatrical window, despite COVID-19-related hurdles. Oh, and we can look forward to a “significant” expansion of the Star Wars universe (I assume that means Baby Yoda / Grogu is getting his own trilogy), more MCU news, and of course updates on the company’s cable channels and other streaming options like Hotstar, ESPN+ and Hulu.