Eero makes it easier for your ISP to support mesh networking

The new Eero for service providers bundle could help you get a better router, even if you're renting it.


While we usually prefer to set up our own routers, the reality is that for various reasons a lot of people end up sticking with wireless networking hardware that comes from their internet service provider. If that’s the case, then at least now more people will have access to Eero’s mesh networking setup, as the Amazon-owned company has set up Eero for Service Providers.

The company has partnered with ISPs in the past, like Sonic in 2018, but this streamlined offering wraps up the new WiFi 6-equipped Eero 6 routers with back end management software to help tech support keep everything connected. For further upsell possibilities it can also include the Eero Secure subscription that brings in ad blocking, malware protection and other forms of security-related filtering.

They’re not the only ones going this route — see Comcast and Plume’s partnership for xFi Pod extenders — but more competition is better for everyone, and even better if it comes with a product we’d choose on our own anyway. There’s no word on pricing or which ISPs will offer the setup first, but it should be available starting in November for providers across the US and Canada.