'EVE Online' now lets anyone play the MMO in a web browser

EVE Anywhere is moving out of a restricted beta for premium players.


EVE Online addicts got their wish last year when developer CCP games announced EVE Anywhere, a browser-based platform for streaming the popular space MMO. Today, that's opening up to all EVE players, and not just premium Omega subscribers. You just need a modern browser, like Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox, and a solid 25Mbps internet to start streaming some space battles. EVE Anywhere is rolling out in the US and select European countries, like Germany, Switzerland and the UK, with more territories coming later this year.

CCP says it's relying on Intel technology to stream the game to players over high-capacity servers. While EVE diehards likely aren't giving up their PC rigs anytime soon, EVE Anywhere lets them squeeze in a few sessions when they're away from home (but not ever at work, nobody would do that). The platform could also serve as a gateway for players with slow and aging hardware. After all, even a Chromebook would be able to stream EVE Anywhere.