Facebook is publicly testing dark mode in its mobile app

You might not have to shield your eyes quite so often.

Facebook/Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter

Facebook is finally testing a dark mode in its mobile app beyond a handful of users. The social network has teamed up with code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong to confirm that it’s publicly testing dark mode on Android and iOS. Just who’s getting the option isn’t clear, but MacRumors noted that many more people were reporting access to the night-friendly option.

If you have the option, you’ll see a Dark Mode button in the Settings & Privacy section under the Menu tab. You can force it on or off, or leave it up to your system-level settings. If you have an OS-level dark mode switch on when the Sun goes down, Facebook can follow suit.

The feature has been a long time in coming. Facebook let users opt in to a dark mode on desktop back in March, and companion apps like Messenger have had the choice since 2019. It’s not certain why the core Facebook app is getting this feature so much later, but the wait suggests it was determined to tread carefully given the sheer importance of an app likely used by billions of people.