Ninja has his own adorable costume in 'Fall Guys'

Pretend you're a pro streamer while you strive for crowns.

Ninja, Twitter

Ninja’s clout in the streaming world didn’t ‘only’ net him a Fortnite skin. Mediatonic has surprise-released a cute-as-hell Ninja outfit for Fall Guys, letting you play as the big-time streamer while you chase victory on Fall Mountain or survive griefers on Slime Climb. The top and bottom costume parts are relatively affordable at one crown each, so it should only take a couple of wins (or enough season progression) to put that signature headband on your bean.

The custom apparel reflects Ninja’s ongoing influence in the gaming scene. Few other streamers both have his huge audiences as well as an iconic look — he has enough pull for developers to court him.

However, it also speaks volumes about Mediatonic’s approach to keeping its game show-inspired hit relevant. Rather than rely solely on seasonal updates, the studio is turning to perks like special outfits and mid-season map changes to keep you coming back. There’s little doubt Mediatonic is hoping Ninja’s name will lead a surge of new and returning players.