Fitbit's Inspire 2 wearable gains Tile's tracking tech

The Bluetooth finding feature is free for new and existing users.

Fitbit / Tile

Fitbit is teaming up with Tile to help you locate your lost Inspire 2 free of charge. Just update your device software in the Fitbit app to add the Bluetooth tracking feature and then download the Tile app to activate it. The service is available to both new and existing Inspire 2 owners starting today. Along with the finding features, your Inspire 2 can now ring your handset using Bluetooth even if it's on silent.

With Tile support enabled, you should be able to find your lost activity tracker's most recent pinged location, or tap into the finder's crowdsourced network to potentially locate it even if it's miles away. Tile is pretty confident about its abilities. Last year, it launched a $100 annual protection plan that promised a $1,000 payout if it couldn't find a lost item within seven days.

Getting more people to fork out for its premium features, including smart alerts, could be part of the rationale behind the Fitbit tie-up. Though it already offers support for Intel and HP notebooks, this marks Tile's wearables debut and comes amid rumors that Apple is readying its own Bluetooth-powered AirTags.

The mutually beneficial partnership also builds on Fitbit parent Google's existing relationship with the Bluetooth tracker. In 2019, Tile began offering integration with Google Assistant that let you directly ring your tracker from any device that works with the AI helper. Fitbit says it could potentially bring Tile's tech to more devices in the future.