Google Assistant recommends your YouTube Music on Nest speakers

YouTube Music is also available on Smart TVs.


Over the last couple of years, Google has gradually improved YouTube Music with features like playback screen lyrics and an Explore tab. Now, it has unveiled integration with some of its other products, including Android TV, Google Maps and and Google Assistant.

The first feature is recommendations via Google Assistant. To use it, you simply say: “Hey Google, play recommended music from YouTube Music,” and you’ll get personalized music suggestions, including favorite artists and genres, based on your listening history. Unfortunately, this feature is only available on newer Nest speakers and not Google Home devices.

Google Music is also coming to Android TV. You’ll be able to “explore videos, playlists and live performances from your favorite artists, or sign in for custom mixes and recommended playlists,” according to Google. To get that capability, you just need to search for and install the YouTube Music app on any Android-powered smart TV.

Finally, paid subscribers will get easier access to YouTube Music while using Google Maps or Waze. Within those apps, you’ll see a YouTube Music icon that will let you play, skip or pause music, choose playlists or open the YouTube Music app. All of these features are now available, and for more information on using YouTube Music with your devices, check here.