HBO Max no longer offers one-week free trials

You’ll need to pay if you want to watch "Wonder Woman 1984."


If you had hoped to see Wonder Woman 1984 for free by signing up for an HBO Max trial, you’ll need to make alternate plans. As of this week, the streaming service is no longer offering a free one-week signup period to new subscribers. The development comes three weeks before Wonder Woman 1984’s December 25th release.

WarnerMedia, which operates HBO Max for parent AT&T, told CNET that it's merely following the lead of Netflix and Disney+. The two platforms pulled the plug on their free trial offers earlier in the year. In Disney’s case, it did so ahead of the July 3rd premiere of Hamilton.

“We frequently update and iterate our offers to provide flexible ways for potential subscribers to access all that HBO Max has to offer,” a spokesperson for the company told CNET. We’ve reached out to the company for additional comment and information, and we’ll update this article when we hear back from it.

While the move is likely to upset some people, it’s not surprising. Wonder Woman 1984 will easily come out as one of HBO Max’s most popular titles of the year. Moreover, with Warner Bros.’s entire 2021 slate of movies set to debut on the service, there’s a lot of money on the line that the company likely doesn’t to lose to free trials.

An HBO Max subscription costs $15 per month.