A Kinect mod for 'Super Mario 64' provides a fun pandemic workout

That's one way to exercise at home.


What do you do when you’re in lockdown during a pandemic but still want to get some exercise? Well, if you’re YouTuber SuperLouis64, you’d make a Kinect mod and, together with a Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, use your own body as a controller for Super Mario 64. The result is a hilarious yet surprisingly effective workout that looks a lot more challenging than Ring Fit Adventures.

In the YouTube video (which you can see above), he uses a mini indoor trampoline as a way to control Mario’s jumps and the Joy-Con to manipulate objects. According to the video, he found the controls to be a little finicky at times, occasionally falling off bridges and cliffs. He also had some issues trying to ground pound a thwomp. One of the funnier parts of the video is him entering the water world thinking that it would be easy to swim through it, only to find out that “swimming” consists of jumping the whole time.

But the pièce de résistance is when SuperLouis64 faces Bowser at the end of the video. He literally spins around on the trampoline to mimic the spinning move Mario needs to do in order to fling Bowser away during the final battle. Though he got dizzy doing so, he did finally do it, which I found really satisfying to watch.

In the end, it seems like SuperLouis64 was drenched with sweat after all that jumping around. He doesn’t really recommend the mod due to all the work it requires, but I’ll admit that there’s a part of me that wishes this was a real thing. After watching the above video, you might feel the same way.