Korg Nu:Tekt DIY line gets a new mini synth and a Kaoss Pad

The NTS-1 mk2 and NTS-3 deliver an updated LogueSDK and expressive effects.


Korg launched its Nu:Tekt line of DIY kits in 2019 with the NTS-1. It was basically just the programmable digital oscillator from the Prologue and Minilogue XD in a cheap dedicated box. Over the years it's gotten a few more members, including an oscilloscope and headphone amps. For NAMM 2024 the company is updating the originator with the NTS-1 mk2 and adding the NTS-3 Kaoss Pad to the mix.

The NTS-1 mk2 is the same size and shape as the original, and still comes as a solderless DIY kit. There's still a single monophonic digital oscillator as well, built on the LogueSDK. But that's about where the similarities end. Inside is a new, more powerful processor driving an updated version of the SDK which includes new oscillator types and effects, and the ability to use incoming audio as a modulation source. The ribbon keyboard has been swapped for an 18-key multitouch capacitive keyboard that looks far more playable. Korg has also added an eight-step sequencer, MIDI out and moved to USB-C for power.

The NTS-1 mk2 looks like a solid upgrade to a surprisingly versatile mini synth, but it's the NTS-3 that brings something truly new to the table. It also comes as a solderless DIY kit that Korg says should take less than 20 minutes to assemble. And when you're done, you'll have honest-to-goodness Kaoss Pad with 35 built-in effects, an expressive X/Y pad for controlling them and a looper. And, of course, since it too is built on the LogueSDK you can load custom effects too. (Or design your own, if that's your bag.) You can use up to four effects simultaneously and a latch feature allows you to control them individually.

Unfortunately we don't have a ton more info about either device. There will be a librarian for managing custom oscillators and effects, though no date has been given for when it will be available. And similarly we don't the know the price of either device. All we know is that the NTS-1 mk2 is scheduled for release sometime in April, followed by the NTS-3 in June.