LG will demo a 'bendable' OLED gaming TV at CES 2021

You can switch between a flat screen and a curved screen at the press of a button.

In addition to several transparent OLED demos, LG Display will also be showing off a gaming-related concept TV at its CES 2021 virtual showroom: a 48-inch 4K “Bendable CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) display” that can switch between a flat screen and a curved screen. The idea here is that you can enjoy watching videos in flat screen mode, and at the press of a button, theTV morphs into a curved screen — up to 1,000mm radius — for more immersive gaming.

This demo may remind you of last year’s inflight entertainment demo, in which a 65-inch screen could transform into a curved mode. What’s new this time is the “CSO” aspect: there’s a 0.6mm-thick film exciter underneath, which turns the entire OLED panel into a speaker. This allows for a slimmer TV, and with the audio coming directly from the screen, this apparently adds to the immersiveness of both gaming and video experience.

The Korean firm added that this TV supports variable refresh rate going from 40Hz to 120Hz, which is the bare minimum for a gaming monitor these days. Others are already offering 240Hz or even 360Hz, but they obviously lack transformation capability. We will share more once we get to see a live demo of this shape-shifting TV.