Lyft extends its Emergency Help feature to drivers and riders across the US

The rideshare company and ADT started testing the safety measure earlier this year.

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All Lyft drivers and riders in the US can now quickly connect to an ADT safety specialist if they need some assistance. The ridesharing company announced the Emergency Help option in October 2019, and it started testing the feature in some markets earlier this year.

Emergency Help allows Lyft users to "quickly and discreetly receive help for any in-ride situation, whether or not they wish to or are able to call 911." Being able to seek real-time assistance in an uncomfortable scenario without alerting the driver could help ensure the safety of passengers.

Riders can have ADT call or text them, or call 911 on their behalf. The security company can share a rider's live location with authorities, along with other details about the ride, including the designated drop-off location, and the vehicle's license plate number, make and model. 

To ensure drivers aren't distracted by their screen, they won't be able to request text communication with ADT. They can request a call from a safety specialist, however.

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