The next Mass Effect game may pick up where 'ME3' left off

A teaser hinted at a direct continuation of the original trilogy.


We learned last month that a new Mass Effect game was in the works, and BioWare has given its first peek at what's in store. A trailer that premiered at The Game Awards (during which the studio also offered a look at its next Dragon Age game) suggests it'll pick up where Mass Effect 3 left off.

There's some audio towards the beginning of the teaser that references incidents throughout the franchise's history, such as the First Contact War between humans and Turians and the arrival of the villainous Reapers. The video also includes an appearance from an Asari, who may be Liara T'Soni, a key companion in the first and third game. The Asari picks up a piece of N7 armor. Series protagonist Commander Shepard was an N7 and (spoiler alert for an eight-year-old game) they appear to die in all but one of the eight Mass Effect 3 endings. Hmm.

The fact that BioWare is remastering the original Mass Effect trilogy underscores its focus on the series. The 4K remasters could bolster interest in the series ahead of a possible/likely sequel. It’s unclear how or if the next entry will tie into Mass Effect: Andromeda, though. In any case, the upcoming game is known only as “the next Mass Effect” for now.

The Mass Effect update follows some turmoil in BioWare's ranks. A massive overhaul of Anthem is ongoing after that game landed with a thud last year. Earlier this month, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson, who worked on the Mass Effect trilogy, and Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah announced their departures from the studio.