Motorola promises one additional Android update for the $1,000 Edge+

The company has backtracked on its previous update policy.

Chris Velazco/Engadget

By our estimation, Motorola's first flagship in four years is a decent, if not completely compelling high-end phone. Not everyone will like the Edge+'s signature "waterfall" display, and its vaunted stereo speakers could be better. The good news is that Motorola is addressing one of the Edge+'s other notable flaws ahead of the phone's May 14th launch.

In an email to Engadget, a spokesperson for Motorola said the company plans to furnish the device with at least two major Android platform upgrades. Previously, Motorola had only committed to updating the phone to Android 11, which goes into public beta this June. With the new policy, Edge+ owners will be able to look forward to using Android 12 on their new Moto flagship.

The new policy doesn't propel the Edge+ into a category of its own, but it does make it at least competitive against some other Android devices. For instance, like most of Samsung's high-end devices, the recently released Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip will receive two major Android upgrades. If software updates are the thing you care about the most, then Google's Pixel's lineup is still unmatched -- at least when it comes to Android.

Still, this is at least a step in the right direction for Motorola, particularly for a phone that will cost $1,000 when it comes out. Since Google sold the company to Lenovo, it hasn't had the best track record of updating its devices in a timely matter, nor has it done a great job of supporting them over time. But between today's announcement and the Android 10 update the company released for the Razr, things are starting to look up.