Host your online courses on this $100 all-in-one platform

OnlineCourseHost’s simple tools make it easy to build a unique store to host your educational content.

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May 21, 2022 2:55 PM
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Online educators may spend weeks, months or more crafting their courses, but finding the right platform to sell them on is just as important. Unfortunately, many hosting websites charge high prices for barebones features, which may be challenging to use or result in a poor learning experience for students.

If you’re serious about teaching and engaging your audience, a learning management system (LMS) like OnlineCourseHost is worth considering. This platform provides easy-to-use tools to white-label and sell your courses directly to students, making it an excellent option if you don’t have coding experience. Lifetime Basic Plans are available for $100 for a limited time.

OnlineCourseHost offers several features to tailor your course shop experience. For example, you may design an attractive landing page by applying text and dropping thumbnails precisely where you want them to appear, all without using HTML or CSS. Once your sales page is complete, OnlineCourseHost lets you preview it on desktop and mobile. You can even give your domain a unique, memorable URL.

The Basic Plan provides unlimited video hosting to upload as much educational content as necessary. OnlineCourseHost lets you create coupons, bundles and subscription plans, and it integrates seamlessly with Facebook Ads and email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Mailerlite to help you reach a wider audience. Plus, Stripe and PayPal support make customer checkout easy.

Current users gave OnlineCourseHost glowing reviews. It has five stars on AppSumo, and programming and cloud course creator Luxmi Narayan shared, "This platform competes very well with so many expensive platforms in the market."

OnlineCourseHost’s straightforward features can make publishing educational classes easier, allowing you to focus on creating better content. Lifetime Basic Plans usually cost $1,800, but you can get one for $100 or 94 percent off.

Prices subject to change.

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