Opera's browser is now available with chess baked in

It teamed up with to add the classic game to the sidebar.


Opera has unveiled custom versions of its desktop and Android browser that fans of one of the world's most enduring games might appreciate. It has teamed up with to integrate chess directly into the browser.

A chess-themed version of the desktop browser includes a icon in the sidebar. So, rather than having a dedicated tab for the website open, you can pin the panel and plot your next moves as you browse the web. You'll have swift access to puzzles, streamers and ongoing games.

On Android, there's a whole new version of the browser available, Opera says. Opt in to the custom build, and you'll see a bunch of chess-related content on the home page, including articles and videos.

Opera has integrated other services into its browser's sidebar over the years, including TikTok, WhatsApp and Instagram. The company also recently released its Opera One browser, which is infused with its generative AI and supports other GPT-based services.