A Pac-Man edition of 'Monopoly' includes a mini arcade game

Gobble up ghosts and earn points whenever you pass Go.


Pac-Man just turned 40 years old and to help mark the anniversary, there’s a new version of Monopoly centered around the iconic character. It includes a digital banking unit that doubles as a mini arcade game you play whenever you pass Go.

You’ll play for points instead of cash in Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man, and you can earn some more through mini-games on the banking unit. You can use your points to buy levels (aka properties). Each player will have a plastic arcade coin they can insert into the banking unit to check their points; buy, sell or steal levels; and pay rent as well as play the mini-games.

There’s another gameplay twist on the board itself. While you’ll move around as Pac-Man, there’s also a ghost token in play. You’ll need to roll a ghost die to determine how far it moves, but it’s not clear what happens if it catches you. Best guess right now? You go to jail. The board also has Power Pellets and Power-Ups instead of Community Chest and Chance spaces, while there are Maze spaces instead of ones for train stations.

Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man costs $30 and it’ll go on sale August 1st. You’ll be able to order it via Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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