Peloton's newer, safer Tread will be available to buy on August 30th

Sales were previously halted because of safety recalls.


Last year, Peloton introduced its new lower-cost Peloton Tread to the market, which was around $1,800 cheaper than the original Tread+ ($4,295). It was then sold for a short period of time in the UK, Canada and the US, where it had a limited invitation-only release. Then the company had to halt sales of the Tread and recall both its connected treadmills after reports of several injuries and one fatality. The Tread in particular had to be recalled because its touchscreen console could detach and fall. The issues have since been fixed, but the incident obviously delayed the broader release of the Tread.

Now, the company is ready for a redo of sorts with a much wider launch. Peloton announced today that the newer, safer Tread will be available in the US, Canada and the UK on August 30th, while those in Germany will have to wait until later this fall. The Peloton Tread is priced at $2,495 USD ($3,295 CAD / £2,295 / €2495).

As a reminder, the Tread includes many of the same features of the Tread+, albeit in a more affordable package. It has a 23.8-inch HD touchscreen instead of the 32-inch on the Tread+, and it uses a traditional running belt instead of a shock-absorbing slat belt. The Tread also has a slightly smaller footprint; it’s 68 by 33 inches, rather than 72.5 by 36.5 inches.

Peloton also emphasized software and hardware safety features in the new Tread, which helps address the recall concerns. One of them is Tread Lock, a mandatory four-digit digital passcode. Tread Lock will be available for both All-Access members as well as those without. There’s also a physical safety key that a runner can pull to quickly stop during a class.

Additionally, as you'd expect, Peloton said that all Treads from here on out will have the improved hardware and software installed. That means that the touchscreen console is now securely attached to the Tread at all times, according to the company. As previously announced, existing Tread users can have this repair done for free.