Become a Python programmer with this $29 expert-led bundle

These nine top-rated courses will take you from beginner to expert in 29 hours.

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October 15th, 2021
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Looking for a way to boost your career in tech? Try learning Python, a popular programming language used by professionals around the world. From building websites and software to analyzing data and automating activities, there’s no shortage of tasks you can complete with Python. Not only will learning these programming skills make you a more competitive job (or promotion) candidate, but they’ll also help bump you up to a higher pay grade.

You don’t have to tap into your future salary to get educated either. Buy the Python Programming & Git Certification Bundle for just $29 (just over $3 per course) and start learning today. These nine top-rated courses will take you from beginner to expert, guiding you to write clean code in Python and navigate the GitHub open source community.

Never worked in Python before? No problem. Whether you’re a junior developer or an entrepreneur, this intro to development and programming has you covered. Start with beginner-level lessons on Python, including hands-on instruction with access to the Python Lab. Learn to work with various data types, CSV files and packages. Go further with intel on Python virtual environments and working with multiple packages – as well as object-oriented programming – and take away skills that are applicable to real-world projects.

Aside from gaining a deep understanding of fundamental concepts in Python, you’ll also get a leg up on understanding other people’s code (an important skill set in any workplace). By the time you’ve completed the advanced lessons, you’ll be ready to make your own sophisticated applications with Python.

This comprehensive course bundle also includes intel beyond just Python programming. Get schooled in Git, from managing new and existing files to uploading your code into the cloud via GitHub, and much more. You’ll also learn fundamentals in data serialization language YAML, which is valuable knowledge for industry insiders working on configuration management, web service communication and more.

Learn the same information taught in expensive courses, including those at colleges and universities, for a fraction of the cost and on your own time. Get the Python Programming & Git Certification Bundle for $29, or just over $3 per course.

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