Ram is working on an electric version of its popular pickup truck

Fiat Chrysler's CEO confirmed a Ram EV or hybrid is in the works.

Ram is working on an electrified version of its pickup. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Mike Manley confirmed during an earnings call the automaker is moving into that market alongside the likes of Ford, Tesla, GMC and Rivian.

Manley didn't offer more details, according to the Detroit Free Press (via Autoblog), including whether the pickup would be a hybrid or full electric. Nor did he offer a concrete timeline on when to expect it. “I do see that there will be an electrified Ram pickup in the marketplace, and I would ask you just to stay tuned for a little while, and we’ll tell you exactly when that will be," he said on the call.

Many other major automakers have electric trucks in the works, such as Tesla’s Cybertruck and Ford’s electric F-150. GMC just unveiled the Hummer EV too, and it seems Ram doesn’t want to miss out on a burgeoning market. Back in 2018, FCA said it would have 30 EVs and hybrids by 2022. An electrified Ram would certainly form a large piece of that puzzle.