Rachel Brosnahan's golden arm outshines the rest of Roku's Halloween lineup

Three horror-themed Roku Originals are on the way in October, including '50 States of Fright.'


Quibi tried and failed to create much of a buzz last year with its mobile video streaming service. But there was at least one thing from the ill-fated platform that went viral: a scene from a show where Rachel Brosnahan, of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel fame, plays a woman with a golden arm. You'll soon be able to relive that moment of pop culture history thanks to Roku.

When Quibi closed shop, Roku bought the company's content and rebranded the shows as Roku Originals. It didn't re-release all of those series right away though, and it's marking Halloween season with three horror-themed Originals. First up as part of the Freak Out Friday season is When the Streetlights Go On, which hits The Roku Channel on October 15th. The '90s-set show centers on a double homicide that took place in a midwestern suburb.

The following Friday, you'll be able to watch anthology series 50 States of Fright. The first episode of that show is where you can hear a doctor tell a woman with a metallic arm that she has "pulmonary gold disease.” Quibi, in case you need a reminder, shut up shop less than eight months after it debuted.

Lastly, on October 29th, you'll be able to catch The Expecting, a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of a strange pregnancy. As well as on Roku devices, The Roku Channel is available on the web, Amazon Fire TV, mobile devices and some Samsung TVs.

In August, Roku added another 23 Quibi shows to its streaming library. The company is also working on its first original film, Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, which continues the story of the canceled NBC show Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist.