Get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone and StackSkills Unlimited for just $135

This Cyber Week deal unlocks subscriptions to two educational platforms that users and companies count on to sharpen their skill sets and learn new languages.

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December 2nd, 2021
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The key to success is continuous learning. Whether that means strengthening an existing skill set to pro-level or indulging in a completely new area of interest, a commitment to self-improvement keeps the mind sharp and the opportunities coming. It’s how the world’s most accomplished people thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

You don’t need to enroll in an expensive course or even enlist a teacher to enhance your education. Tap this Cyber Week deal on the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle and you’ll get lifetime access to two online education platforms that you can count on to sharpen your skills and learn new languages.

For over 25 years the language learning platform Rosetta Stone has been a favorite among organizations including NASA and TripAdvisor. Rosetta Stone’s process is designed to help users learn up to 24 new languages from home, starting with a method you might recognize from primary school. Begin by matching words with images before moving onto interactive lessons that further strengthen your skills.

Once you get your bearings, the renowned TruAccent speech recognition technology will help you master your accent and pronunciation. By the time you’re done with your lessons, you’ll be able to confidently converse with native speakers, to the point where The Wall Street Journal said Rosetta Stone "may be the next best thing to living in a country."

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your resume or need specific skills for a personal project, StackSkills has a course (or over 1,000) for you. More than 350 experts design lessons on everything from coding and IT to finance, marketing and graphic design. Courses feature up-to-date information on relevant topics, and lifetime access means you won’t miss a beat, with 50 new courses added monthly. Easily track your progress in these beginner- to advanced-level courses, and don’t miss the quarterly Q&A webinars led by instructors.

You never know where life will lead you for work or play, so stay ready to jump onto any opportunity that presents itself. Get the Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle featuring Rosetta Stone for $135 with Cyber Week promo code LEARN10NOW.

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