'Sackboy: A Big Adventure' won't have online multiplayer at launch

A patch will enable the feature later this year, along with cross-play between PS4 and PS5.

Sumo Digital/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is one of Sony's key launch games for the PlayStation 5. However, it won't have support for online multiplayer at the outset.

"We’ve made the difficult decision to delay the full online multiplayer functionality within Sackboy: A Big Adventure," Ned Waterhouse, design director at developer Sumo Digital, wrote in a blog post. "The team have been working hard to ensure that online is the very best experience it can be for players and we just need a little more time to get it right so you can enjoy it to the fullest with your friends and family."

Sumo Digital plans to roll out a patch by the end of the year to switch on the feature, which will support cross-play between PlayStation 4 and PS5. If you pick up the PS4 version, you'll be able to transfer your save to PS5 after the patch has arrived.

You'll still be able to hop into Sackboy: A Big Adventure with friends and family through offline couch co-op. Up to four people can play the cutesy LittleBigPlanet spin-off together on the same console. Given that some levels can only be played cooperatively, however, not having the online multiplayer function immediately might come as a disappointment to some players.

Sony will release Sackboy: A Big Adventure alongside the PS5. The long-awaited console will hit some markets on November 12th and the rest of the world on November 19th.