Samsung is building a cloud gaming platform for its TVs

You would need a separate console or PC to play top-tier games.


Samsung doesn't want to cede the game streaming space to the likes of Google, Microsoft or NVIDIA. IGN reports Samsung has teased plans for a TV-based "Cloud Game Platform" during its developer conference presentation. Details were scarce, but this would let Samsung TV owners play games without "high-end hardware." This would be more likely used to play console- or PC-quality titles, then, rather than mobile games.

The tech firm tried cloud gaming through a team-up with Gaikai in 2012, although that clearly didn't go far when Gaikai sold to Sony and transitioned to working on PlayStation Now. However, circumstances were also different then — internet connections are much faster, and many more people are familiar with the concept of game streaming. Samsung's potential audience is considerably wider, even if it's focused primarily on TVs.

Whether or not Samsung grabs that audience is another matter. The cloud gaming market already has a few heavyweights, and even those are facing challenges. Google closed Stadia's internal game studios in February, and this month started licensing Stadia tech to companies like AT&T. Samsung hasn't yet shown how it might stand out from that pack.