Samsung's Galaxy Buds Live may include active noise cancellation

There may be more to the 'Galaxy Beans' than we thought.


Like most people, if you've been following the saga of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Buds Live, you've probably scratched your head at some point. Ever since they first leaked, the headphones — lovely referred to as the Galaxy Beans by almost anyone who has seen them — have confused. After all, why would Samsung go with such a strange design? Whatever the company’s reasons, they may be more compelling than we originally thought.

On Friday, frequent Windows leaker WalkingCat (@h0x0d) shared what looks like an official advert for the upcoming pair of true wireless earbuds (via SamMobile). The clip ends with text saying, "Keep the noise out. Let the sound in." At the very least, this suggests the Galaxy Buds Live will include an ambient sound feature you'll be able to activate when you want to hear what's happening around you. Given that both the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Buds+ already include this feature, there's little reason to believe these new headphones won't.

The text may also indicate they'll include active noise cancellation (ANC), a first for Samsung's Galaxy Buds lineup. If ANC is something these headphones feature, it will be interesting to see how they counteract ambient sounds without silicone ear tips; none of the leaked photos we've seen of the Galaxy Buds Live suggest they come with any kind of tips. That's an important detail because nearly every pair of ANC in-ear headphones you can buy at the moment comes with silicone ear tips since they help create a physical seal between your ear and the outside world. It's when you have that seal that the technology works best.

There have been suggestions the Galaxy Buds Live will be as affordable as the $150 Galaxy Buds+. If they do end up coming with ANC, they’ll be very competitive against headphones like the $249 AirPods Pro and $239 Sony WF-1000XM3.

Galaxy Buds Live

Besides the clip, WalkingCat shared two official-looking images of the Galaxy Buds Live. The first gives us a look at the earbuds' underside, something we hadn't seen before. The other photo provides a sense of how the kidney-shaped headphones will look in your ears. In short, not a disaster. We expect Samsung will announce the Galaxy Buds Live alongside the Note 20 at its upcoming Unpacked event on August 5th.