Leak hints Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE will use a 'traditional' design

The phone could still offer a lot of value for the money.


You knew Samsung would have a successor to the Galaxy S20 FE in the works given its strong response, and details might be emerging for this follow-up. Well-known tipster OnLeaks has shared what he says are renders of the Galaxy S21 FE, and it appears to be what you'd expect — with a slight twist. The new value-for-money phone would unsurprisingly look much like the regular Galaxy S21, complete with a glass-like plastic shell, but would have a more "traditional" design with the prominent camera bump integrated into the body.

Like the Galaxy S20 FE, the S21 FE would have a 'mid-size' display (OnLeaks says 6.4 inches, although the S20 FE was 6.5 inches), three rear cameras and a hole punch selfie cam. This leak doesn't include specs, but the existing phone earned its reputation by including the same top-tier processor and 120Hz display tech of the standard S20. We wouldn't be surprised to find a Snapdragon 888 and other high-end features in the S21 FE, even if it will likely be a step down in other respects.

You'll likely have to be patient, though. Samsung didn't unveil the S20 FE until September of last year, and we wouldn't expect the company to rush a sequel out the door even with the S21's early debut in mind. If you can afford to wait, though, you could get much of Samsung's flagship experience without quite as severe a hit to your bank account.