PS5 hands-on demos showcase gameplay (but not the interface)

Sony is still keeping some details close to its chest.


People outside of Sony are finally getting to try the PlayStation 5 beyond a one-off demo, and it’s now clearer what it will be like to use the console in the real world... well, mostly. Japanese outlets like 4gamer, AV Watch, Dengeki Online and Famitsu, as well as actor Natsuki Hanae (via The Verge), have had hands-on time with the PS5 that sheds more light on both the hardware and gameplay. They at once confirm reports and leave some unanswered questions.

As suggested earlier, it’s clear the PS5 is a huge console — you won’t shove this into a tight cabinet space. It’s apparently quite silent, however, so you might not have to worry about a droning fan detracting from your experience. The DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers add “tactile sensation and weight,” 4gamer said, and the buttons aren’t as noisy as on the PS4’s DualShock 4.

The gameplay demos also extended beyond the bundled Astro’s Playroom, if only just. Godfall served as a good showcase for the system, particularly its load times. It was much less painful to restart a game segment, AV Watch noted — you were instantly back in the action.

However, none of the Japanese testers got to show the PS5’s interface. Sony has promised a “whole new visual language” for the console’s UI, but that look and feel remains a mystery nearly a month before the November 12th release. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sony offers a peek between then and now, but there’s a chance you’ll only discover the full story once the new PlayStation reaches gamers.