Apple's 512GB Mac Mini M1 is back down to $829 at B&H Photo

Or, you can get the 256GB version for $649 and add your own storage.

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Update 9:54am ET: Amazon's now matching the $829 sale price on the 512GB Mac mini M1.

If you want Apple's latest M1 processor technology (and already have a display and keyboard), there's no cheaper way to get it than the Mac Mini M1. Now, it's possible to pick up the 512GB model with 8GB of RAM at a price that matches the best we've seen yet, $829 — or $70 off.

Buy Mac mini M1 (512GB) at B&H Photo Video - $829

This is a great deal for a compact desktop PC that punches well above its weight, so to speak. The M1 chip delivers similar performance to high-end desktop processors, even in demanding multimedia applications like Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop. At the same time, the Mac Mini M1 will take up hardly any space on your desktop and while it does have a fan (unlike the MacBook Air M1), it's still a very quiet machine. If you're planning to run some games or large apps, the 512GB option is a good choice.

However, both B&H and Amazon are also offering the Mac Mini M1 for $649 with 256GB and 8GB of RAM, the second-lowest price we've seen. That $180 difference between the two storage options is a lot, so you could actually get more storage for less money by buying an external drive. The Mac Mini has two high-speed Thunderbolt/USB-C ports at the rear which could provide a couple of terabytes of storage and leave you with money left over. For either device, keep in mind that the 8GB of RAM might limit the software you can run (and it's not upgradeable), but the M1 processor gets far more out of less RAM than x86 Macs or PCs.

Buy Mac mini M1 (256GB) at B&H Photo Video - $649 Buy Mac Mini M1 (256GB) at Amazon - $649

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