Dell’s new rechargeable stylus has Tile tracking built-in

Tile's tacking tech has also expanded to laptops from Lenovo, MSI and Fujitsu.


If you've hesitated in getting a PC stylus because it's one more thing to lose, Dell has a possible solution. The company's latest Premiere Rechargeable Active Pen has Tile tracking built in, so you can use the Tile app to make it emit sound and LED light. If it's not close enough to hear or see, the app will show the pen's last known location and track it down via the Tile network.

The $110 Premiere Rechargeable Active Pen works with compatible Dell 2-in-1 laptops and offers a 40-day battery life with 80 percent charging in just 20 minutes. The programmable top and side buttons give easy access to commands and it attaches to laptops via a magnet tether.

Tile also announced that it has added its tracking tech to several new Intel-powered laptops. The latest to include it are Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 and latest ThinkPad T Series, making for a total of seven Lenovo laptops with the tech. MSI's new Intel 12th-gen Summit and Prestige series laptops are also equipped with Tile tracking, along with Fujitsu's FMV Loox PCs in Japan. To activate tracking, you just need to install the Tile Windows App and activate your PC as a Tile. The Android or iOS app will then "ring" your laptop to help you find it nearby.

Tile announced in 2020 that it was teaming with Intel to help users find lost notebooks. It also struck a deal with Bluetooth chip companies to allow its tech to be placed in nearly any kind of device. Its tech can currently be found in HP Dragonfly laptops, Fitbit wearables, Skullcandy products, Sennheiser headphones and other devices, around 55 in total according to Tile.

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