Twitch is working on 'live and interactive' reality TV shows

But not escape rooms.

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SAN DIEGO, CA - SEPTEMBER 29: Fans entering TwitchCon at San Diego Convention Center on September 29, 2019 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Martin Garcia/ESPAT Media/Getty Images)
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Amazon is working on more interactive games for streaming, as well as releasing its own premium titles like Crucible and New World, but what else can separate Twitch in an increasingly competitive streaming market? Bloomberg reports that the company is seeking pitches for “unscripted” television shows (read: reality TV) targeting male gamers between 18 - 24, and the 18-24 age group more generally.

According to the document they saw, game shows, dating shows or talk shows that can be produced on a budget of $50,000 - $250,000 per week are preferred. That should make for something better than your average video podcast on YouTube or multi-window Zoom chat, but isn’t in the ballpark of most traditional shows.

Clearly plugging in a PS4 and setting up in front of The Playroom isn’t enough to cut it these days, but Amazon is willing to pay up for content that makes viewers stick to the platform even if they’re not focused on the gaming stars that so many companies are bidding for.

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