Become a digital nomad with Rosetta Stone and StackSkills

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle can teach you coding, business, new languages and more.

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July 4, 2022 10:55 AM
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The internet allows us to build and maintain connections with people and experiences across the globe. An entrepreneurial few use that to their advantage through digital nomadism, traveling the world while working virtual jobs to sustain themselves. This phenomenon isn’t new, and we even created a list in 2016 featuring the top destinations to serve as your temporary home base.

However, becoming a nomad entrepreneur isn’t as quitting your nine-to-five and booking a flight abroad. To land freelance gigs, you need to have marketable skills such as design, coding or photography. Understanding your destination’s local language could help you live comfortably in a foreign culture. The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle offers training that can turn your globetrotting aspirations into a reality, and it’s on sale for $160 with code ROSETTA20.

This package features lifetime access to Rosetta Stone, and you can study all 24 of its languages one at a time. Trusted by organizations like NASA, Calvin Klein and TripAdvisor for nearly three decades, Rosetta Stone claims its teaching methodology is similar to how children learn their native tongues. You’ll begin by matching words to images to expand your vocabulary. As you progress to more difficult lessons, Rosetta Stone evaluates your accent and shares feedback using its proprietary speech recognition technology.

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Rosetta Stone also covers practical topics such as how to order food, take a taxi and shop at stores, all essential know-how you’ll need if you want to work abroad. Additionally, the intermediate lessons involve sharing opinions and discussing pop culture, which could help you build lasting relationships with folks worldwide.

Also included in this bundle is a lifetime subscription to StackSkills, an e-learning platform that hosts over 1,000 classes on topics ranging from business and finance to IT and development. StackSkills’ progress tracker illustrates how far you are from mastery, and some courses even offer certificates upon completion to showcase your expertise to clients.

StackSkills updates its library monthly with over 50 new courses to keep the learning experience fresh. For example, if you’ve already completed StackSkills’ marketing classes and want to add variety to your freelance portfolio, you could peruse the platform’s blockchain and iOS development lessons.

The Unlimited Lifetime Learning Subscription Bundle offers valuable knowledge that can help you embark on a digital nomad lifestyle. Purchase it for $160 using coupon code ROSETTA20 at checkout before July 18th.

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