Vizio SmartCast TVs add 30 new free TV channels

Including some you've heard of, like USA Today


Owners of Vizio’s smart TVs already had access to some free broadcasts through its Pluto TV-powered WatchFree service, and today the manufacturer announced several new ones. This contnet in the Free Channels row on the homescreen of TVs with the SmartCast software package will “complement” WatchFree with access to channels like USA Today, CBC News, Food52 and TMZ.

If you’re looking for news, lifestyle, comedy or even sports content and flipping through YouTube is too much of a dice roll or Disney+ doesn’t have anything new, then these options should serve up something watchable. The WatchFree service continues to expand its channels, and Vizio said it’s added an exclusive Choppertown channel that won’t leave you hanging on the high harmony.

Vizio isn’t the only one expanding its free streams or adding new channels right now; Sling TV is pushing ABC News and other outlets, HBO has cracked its library open, and providers like Comcast or Apple TV are making Showtime, Epix and other channels available for viewing. Even AMC is inviting people to take their mind off of things with The Walking Dead, if that helps.