Xbox Game Pass adds 'FIFA 21' and 'Red Dead Online' in May

You'll also find the remastered 'Final Fantasy X' and 'X-2.'

EA Sports

May should be a good month if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. Microsoft has outlined the titles coming to the all-you-can-play service for the first two weeks, and they include a mix of big-name hits. FIFA 21 will arrive on May 6th, giving you the latest soccer (aka football) experience on Xbox and PC. You'll get Volta Squad and Ultimate Team season XP boosts, too.

Multiple major games arrive on May 13th. Red Dead Online brings Rockstar's Wild West multiplayer experience to a wider audience on cloud and console. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster, meanwhile, revives the classic Japanese RPGs on console and PC. The expanded Just Cause 4: Reloaded will be available to play on cloud, console and PC, while gamers of a certain age (cough) can return to Psychonauts on the same platforms.

It's not all happy news. Multiple well-known games are laving Game Pass on May 15th, including Alan Wake, Final Fantasy IX and Hotline Miami. The odds are that you've played these games before if you're interested in them, but you might want to consider buying them with the Game Pass discount if you don't have copies for your system of choice.