Xbox One update streamlines your game library management

You'll also see verified official Clubs.


Your Xbox One game collection can come from a variety of services, which can make it a pain to manage your library. Which games can you most afford to delete to free up space? You won’t have to guess from now on. Microsoft is trotting out an Xbox June 2020 update that, among other things, identifies where your games come from — you’ll know if a title is from Game Pass, Live Gold or EA Access. It’s not clear if other services are in the pipeline, but this will at least help you sift through your catalog with little effort.

You’ll also see a Game Pass or Live Gold badge next to your Gamertag on the home screen and in the Guide, and your Game Pass content will float to the top of your dashboard if you’re a new subscriber.

It’s also an important moment if you like to participate in Clubs. Microsoft now shows verification checkmarks next to official clubs, making it clear that you’re participating in the developer’s group instead of a fan-run unit. This risks deterring sign-ups for indie Clubs (they won’t have a seal of approval, after all), but it will reduce the chances of a less-than-scrupulous Club tricking people into joining.